Lebanon Scholarship project

This project aimed at equipping refugee children in the Lebanese camps with education resources. The project was funded by the “Ghadi” Campaign.

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Education is a human right to all children, and it is most important for refugee children to receive education because it is their ticket out of the cruel conditions they live in and an ingredient to a better future away from poverty. Schooling to these refugees gives them a sense of security and hope because of the world they get integrated in, which is often lacking in refugee settings. Educational activities brings them a sense of routine and normalcy into their lives after disrupt and conflict.  Most often refugees value education and comprehend the importance it brings to their lives, however the lack of financial ability is nerveless an obstacle that prevents them to acquire it.  

Quoting from the well-known professor and visionary, scholar Nicholas Negroponte, who stated the following at the OAS 2006, a notable conference”

“No matter what global problem you are dreading, whether it’s the elimination of poverty, whether it’s the creation of peace, whether it’s solving environmental energy problems, the solution- whatever it is- multiple solutions, the solutions always include education, never is it without an education component and sometimes cannot be done without education.” And he went on to state, “The children should be making things.

The children should be writing computer programs. They should be learning by doing. The thing is not to learn excel or such programs, it is to learn to learn.”

To NEST, educating children around the world is a goal we are determined to accomplish because we believe it’s the best investment one can make. A strong education yields better future conditions for underprivileged children around the world. Wars and economical conflicts are one of the main reasons why children are deprived of education and kicked out of schools for missing out on schooling years. At the beginning of 2014, subsequent to the war in Syria, out of the 844,000 refugee children between the ages of 15-17, more than 60% did not have access to educational resources or schooling due to their inability to cover the expenses. 

NEST’s second project was “Lebanon Scholarships project” which aimed at sponsoring the education of a 1000 Syrian child living in refugee camps located in Lebanon. The project was funded by the “Ghadi” Campaign.

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