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was our first project where we realized the vitality of education in the lives of underprivileged children. The project was funded by the “provide them with education” campaign.

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March 2011 has marked itself unforgettable for the Syrian people and the world for it is the inauguration of the Syrian civil war which has been for four years standing now. With every war comes great loss to the land and its people. Loss of all natures; souls, security, citizenship etc. The civil war in Syria isn’t any different with the casualties it has caused to date. With the rise of conflict more than 4 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries and over a million register as refugees in camps with poor health and economic conditions.

Among the people are children deprived of families or living in poverty with their caretakers. Basic humanitarian resources are denied from the refugees due to insufficient aids provided through charity. According to New York Times “…about 500,000 are seeking shelter in Jordan, of which about 55 percent are under 18.” (Ranya Kadri, Lynsey Addario and Tamir Elterman, 2013).

One of the troubles and challenges faced by the children rise from years out of schooling and educational resources. With every year a child is deprived education is a further sleek in chances for a better future.

The Zaatari camp in Jordan is the second largest refugee camp in the world and was the main headquarter for Syrian evacuees following the war. Some of the many obstacles faced by the children in the camp which hinders their educational development is the inadequate communication between children and parents, uncertainties with regards to the transferability of Jordanian educational certification and differing perceptions and functions of formal and informal education. However the main obstacle remains the insufficiency of covering their educational expenses or unable to equip with basic school supplies such as books and stationary.

Education is a reliable resource for a better future. If turned into an investment in the children indeed it cultivates revenues greater than that yielded from financial ones. We at NEST believe so and launched “Jordan project” which was our first project where we realized the vitality of education in the lives of underprivileged children. The project aimed at providing education resources to the Syrian children refugee adopted by schools in Jordan. The project took place in 2013 and was funded by the “provide them with education” campaign.

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