The Scholarships division of NEST works in alignment with the organization’s mission and vision in its quest to fulfill the ultimate goal of combating poverty and ignorance through education and enlightenment, a basic right to every human, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or any other social concept. The Scholarship team’s contribution to globalizing education is by attracting and actively involving the local community in providing monetary/materialistic support for children who are being denied education due to its pursuit being a financial liability or any other external hindrance they might face that can be eliminated through economic assistance. We aspire to exhaust all possible conduits relevant to that notion to accomplish our main purpose, which is to completely eliminate the availability of a proper education. We achieve this through a sponsorship program that allows donors to be proactive in their support of the students, as well as various fund raising activities. Our highest priority will always be to engage the public and maintain their unwavering support in our cause as much as possible, be it through donations and sponsorships, or simply by propagating our message. Our team thrives at continuously launching fundraising projects aimed in parallel with our goal to provide education to underprivileged children around the world.

Lebanon Scholarship project

This project aimed at equipping refugee children in the Lebanese camps with education resources...

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India Scholarship Project

Our third project was stirred by the harsh conditions of children living in the slums of Mumbai. The...

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