Nest Profile

Nest Profile

About the foundation

Nurture and Educate Students Today (NEST) is a non-profit group dedicated to helping underprivileged students internationally and locally. We aim to provide proper educative resources for those who cannot provide for themselves. Founded in 2013, NEST is a rapidly growing organization with many goals and impassioned volunteers. We are a diverse group of students, teachers, doctors, and other active members of society based in Kuwait all unified by the singular desire to bring proper education and resources to schools all over the world. We are proud to say that we work under the patronage of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

Kuwait has always been an initiator in providing donations to cultures in need and today NEST provides a new approach for humanitarian work. We believe that the best investment one can make is educating a child who has been deprived from the channels of education, for it’s a future insurance for them and their parents to a life far from poverty.

Responding to our humanitarian duties, NEST was established to equip every child with the greatest weapon of all, education and it aspires to make a world where all children can go to school!

How it all began

Subsequent to the war in Syria, refugees were left scattered throughout the Middle East with minimal life supplies and children were deprived from educational resources. NEST was established in 2013, initially with its aim to sponsor schools in Jordan which adopt Syrian children by financially endorsing their annual expenses.  One of its first campaigns titled the “9/9” in collaboration with KRCS, aimed at equipping 10,000 children with books and stationary collected from the donations. And on the 20th of September a group of NEST youth with the association of KRCS headed on a three day trip to firsthand insure the distribution of donations to the Syrian refugee students.

Following the end of that year, NEST has changed to Nurture & Educate Students Today which aims at not only providing education to Syrian refugee children but to the unfortunate children of the world as well.

Our Mission

  • To provide an education to those in need, whether it’s direct funding for their schooling or other means that improves their future.
  • Offer a nurturing learning environment to all individuals from kindergarten throughout high school.
  • To be the sledgehammer that demolishes the idea that education is a luxury, as we believe it is a basic human right that no one should be deprived of.
  • To grant a basic foundation of education which will draft their future with potential, uplifting them from poverty to sufficiency.


  • To eradicate illiteracy in children by providing every child of every background their right to a proper education in proper conditions with proper supplies and educators.
  • Foster a better future, one mind at a time.
  • Globalizing education with the help of our local community.
  • Create a world where every child can read a book.